Body Electric and pH

November 2022

   What is “life?”  The best word we have to define life is “electricity.”  As electricity leaves the body a person is “dying” as measured by brainwaves. It’s interesting that life begins with a tiny electrical spark as a sperm unites with an egg in conception. This amazing event happens not by human power but by the power of God. It tells us we shouldn’t be messing with “life.”  We shouldn’t be polluting life with our chemicals nor try to modify it by “genetic engineering.”  We’re not that smart. Instead we should approach life, from beginning to end, with hearts bowed in respect for the awesome God Who created all things and us. 

   Benjamin Franklin is commonly credited with “discovering” electricity, but the awareness of the spark of life goes back to the Greeks and Persians. Understanding “life” and how life works is more about religion than science. What God taught Moses, passed down to us by Scripture, is about details God knew we needed to make life work. This included Ten Commandments and also many practical details related to cleanliness and nutrition. 

   Jesus said He didn’t come to change the law but to fulfill it while also making it clear that “it is the spirit that gives life.” Thus, we know that our sp ...

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