A Soul-Saving Gift

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
November 2022

   I’m writing in hopes that you will share this letter in Wisconsin Christian News — before Christmas time.  I want to tell my story here and hope it’s an encouragement to you.

   Several years ago, I was lost, broken-hearted and broken.  I was living for the “things of this world” and had no time or interest in the things of God.  I thought my life was “good” and I enjoyed plenty of money from my job, plenty of free time for recreation and vacations and lots of “friends” to party with, as I had been recently divorced.  I thought I “had it all.”  Really I had nothing of value and no plans or hope for the future.

   I didn’t worry myself or bother with “politics” or world events.  They held no interest for me either. 

   Then, for Christmas one year, my sister gave me a gift subscription to Wisconsin Christian News.  “Gee, thanks,” I thought... what a worthless “gift!”

   I admit, I didn’t read much in the first few issues that came in the mail.  To tell you the truth, I just tossed them in the trash without even looking at them.  But then, one day, I did read a copy, because something on the front page ...

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