After reading my daily news feeds, I often find myself shaking my head and simply saying, “Unbelievable.”  Yet the stories I’m about to share with you (in no particular order) are absolutely true, believe it or not.
   First up, the Daily Signal recently reported this: “Imagine that a progressive American city creates a financial incentive for residents to ‘transition’ from man to woman or from woman to man.  That’s exactly what San Francisco has just done with a program called ‘Guaranteed Income For Transgender People,’ or ‘GIFT.’”
   This ‘GIFT’ program will provide a monthly incentive of $1200 for people who choose to “transition” from their biological gender.  Apparently the media, public schools, corporate and government-driven propaganda pushed on our young people nationwide, resulting in a 4000% increase in “gender dysphoria” just this year alone is just not enough.  Now, San Francisco is incentivizing this perversion — handing out a $1200 monthly ‘GIFT’ for those willing to even just try out “transgenderism” to see if it might be “right for them.”
   As usual, young people are especially targeted for this program, and as the Daily Signal poin ...

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