January 2023
   As years pass from one to the next, most individuals see it as an opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning, or a time to enact change.  Sadly, the “change” desired or resolutions made often fall by the wayside in a matter of mere days or just weeks into the New Year.  One has to question the level of commitment or firm resolve that went into the decision-making process.

   In similar manner, as we look across Christianity, it is distressing to see the resolve that once was a marker displaying the convictions of the Church has also been cast aside for the sake of expediency or cultural acceptance.  It is becoming more important today to be liked than to stay true and faithful to the teachings of Scripture.  Doctrine has been discarded in order to see record numbers coming through our doors.

   Many a pulpit are silent today on matters which the Word of God addresses.  We have forgotten what it means to be salt and light.  Consider a couple examples.  Even though God instituted marriage as between one man and one woman, we’d rather not bring up the topic before others.  Certainly, we don’t want people to think we are intolerant or judgmental.  We allow our biblical values to be surrendered to the acceptance of preferred pronouns and we keep our mouths closed when our local library, fast-food restaurant, pl ...

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