Good News For Children

January 2023

   Some good news from two federal courts on an issue I truly wish we didn’t have to keep talking about — the transgender issue. But some background before we get to that.

   I can assure you true conservatives are not the ones that keep this issue going. But we must respond because the liberals continue to aggressively push their agenda on our children. Being silent in the face of this would be irresponsible and derelict. Children are being harmed, in some cases, permanently so, by this agenda that does its dead-level best to convince children that biology doesn’t matter and that they can do the impossible: change their sex.

   So speak up we must. We must also fight this effort on every front, beginning with making sure parents are informed and then prepared to help their children through these assaults that come from schools, the media, entertainment, peers, and more.

   Churches need to be involved as well. Clear, biblical teaching on human sexuality is desperately needed. Unfortunately, churches are often reluctant to wade into these waters for various reasons. We are hopeful more pastors will seize the moment and make sure their church family — especially parents — are equipped to deal with this issue head-on, for the sake of their children.

   Astute, skilled, and courageous lawyers are ...

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