History to Consider with Russia & Ukraine

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

January 2023

   I am a Bible-believing born-again Christian. I am a Russian Jew raised in the Eastern part of Ukraine where the Russia-Ukraine war now rages on. Since the beginning of this war, the mainstream media’s propaganda, reminiscent of the former Soviet Union and largely eclipsing it, has been picturing Russia as the culprit of this war. The long history of the Russian-Ukrainian relationship and the present-day conflict have been ignorantly and deliberately unmentioned.

   Very sadly, I have come to notice that the American people’s resentment toward Russia may have been stirred or, at least, contributed by... the American Bible prophecy teachers, specifically, their interpretation of the famous Bible prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 known as the Gog and Magog war when a coalition of nations will come to attack Israel in the latter days. While it may be that Russia would be involved and even lead the coalition, it is not written in stone. 

   A few facts that come to my mind that it may not be Russia are as follows:

   The word “Rosh” found in the Bible may or may not mean the modern-day Russia. In fact, this word does NOT even appear in the most beloved Bible translation in America, KJV. In my opinion, it is not correct to build a Biblical doctrine on one word found in the Bible.

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