This Is What I've Learned...From a Jump Start!

Complimentary Story
January 2023

  I tried to start an old truck in sub-zero weather the other day here in Montana, it was a No-Go though, because the battery was too low. But fortunately, I carry this little box behind the seat of my pickup truck called a “Halo,”  that’ll jump start just about any ol’ rig, and it got ‘er going. 

   So let me ask you…Is there something in your life that you just can’t seem to get started? Something that God’s gifted you with creatively, that’ll get you to where you’re going with your dreams and aspirations? Sometimes it seems that the longest distance between getting from point A, to point B, can sometimes be, as simple as a jump-start! 

   Well let me offer this as a Halo from heaven, that just might help you to jump-start your creativity, from a wall in my home…

   My wife’s a creative, a writer and an artist, and she fashioned a sign that’s in our living room to remind us daily to not procrastinate the day away, come whatever May!  To jump start the true gifts that God’s loaned to us, so we can get to where we’re going.  It reads, “What did you create today?”

   So after our morning devotions, that sign helps us to scripturally — and responsibly — live creatively and get about doing the good work, that God has for us to do, each and every day.  

   Jesus said, “Great gifts mean great responsibilities, greater gifts, greater responsibilities.” Luke 12:48 (MSG).

   So allow me to also offer you, a few of my “Laytonian-isms,” that I practice in getting from point A to point B, that help me jump-start each day with the creative gifts, that God’s loaned to me…

1). Stop procrastinating.
2). Be intentional.
3). Focus the mechanism.
4). Be deliberate.

   Just a few tips from a fellow traveler, encouraging you with a “Halo from Heaven” on how you may want to jump start your day, in living responsibly creative, my friends, all along the “Way!”

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