Body Electric and pH (Part 2)

January 2023

   In Part I on the body electric and pH we saw the big picture on body electricity and its relationship to life, death, pH, and body chemistry. The pH of body fluids is controlled by all aspects of life — physical, mental, and spiritual. The human body functions within clearly defined pH ranges compatible with, and limited by, the polarity and electromagnetic frequencies of the earth.  While in bodies, we are all part of two systems. “What is born of flesh is flesh; what is born of spirit is spirit.”

   THE SIMPLE PATH to a better life is to focus on systems that have control over everything else. This begins with the spiritual path or Kingdom of God as Jesus taught. On the body level it means to learn to live in a way that balances key body systems like pH, digestion, blood sugar etc., that are upstream to organs, glands, parts and cells. Balance five key body systems and 37 trillion cells will shout for joy. 

   The pH effect related to oxygen, carbon dioxide, enzymes, and electricity affects all body parts and systems. It’s easy to see that If you get body pH balance right a host of good things fall into place. If not, just about anything can go wrong. Either way, you may never understand what’s behind your health problems — or lack of them — unless you or your doctor are testing urine and saliva pH and under ...

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