Chosen To Serve the Kingdom of God

January 2023

  In the past months we saw from the Scriptures, God the Creator of all things, “and without Him was not anything made that was made” (John 1:3).  As God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit planned creation, there was a purpose for everything they did, all for one main purpose as their focus...that being to preserve a faithful remnant that would love and serve their Lord God with all their heart, soul, and mind, and with all their strength (Mark 12:30).  Why?  Because He, with great love, first served us in providing for all our needs; including His forgiveness of our choosing to listen to the father of lies, and embracing the knowledge of evil.  He being “just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness,” if we confess that we are sinners and turn from our wicked ways, being faithful as He has promised in I John 1:9. We become free to love and serve such an awesome and loving God!

   What does it mean to serve?  In the Hebrew (5647-“Abad”) it means to cultivate, to work, enslaved, to do the work expected, for whatever the reason.  God commanded in Deuteronomy 6:13, “thou shalt fear (have respect and honor) the Lord thy God, and serve Him.”  And in Deuteronomy 11:13, God said, “Harken diligently unto My commandments which I command you this day, to love your God, and to serve Him.” &nb ...

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