Resolved: No Foolish Arguments in 2023

January 2023

   It is said that “It’s Easier to Fool People than to Convince Them That They’ve Been Fooled” and I think the Bible even cautions us to beware of a fool in his folly or words to that effect. So what happens when the people we put in charge of our affairs and especially over our children act like fools? We have to talk to them but how do we reason with them and convince them of the error of their ways? 

   Yes of course, we can throw a Bible verse or two at them, but with the natural man, they are likely to think us as being foolish. Actually, most will simply roll their eyes when we mention the Bible, Jesus or share a verse or two with them. And of course there is always that “separation of church and state thingy.” 

   So now what? Glad you asked there, Christian. First of all, why not put that Bible to good use? A document that suggests we should avoid lowering ourselves to the fool’s level giving credence to their misguided intentions.  When you respond to their foolishness directly, are you not shrinking yourself down to their level? (Proverbs 26:4).  In doing so, you have now agreed to play by their rules.  Not good,  folks. 

   Think about where we are in 2023.  Seventy years ago, when boys were boys and girls were girls, we knew that sodomy was wrong.  To ...

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