Out Of the Mouths of Babes

January 2023
   These are two letters my youngest daughter wrote, one when she was 9 years old and the other, when she was 11 years old. May God touch you as she did many locally!

  Hi! My name is Ataya (Ah-Tay-ya). Let me ask you question. When does life start? Well let’s look the facts: it begins at conception. A baby’s skin and bones do not just appear the second the baby is born. What if that baby was a kitty, puppy or your favorite animal, would you care?  Most people do.  Do you think a puppy is a puppy even in the womb of its mother?  And what is the difference between a puppy in the mother’s womb and a baby in their mother’s womb?  How would you feel if you heard someone say, “If we can kill babies in a mother’s womb, then we should be able to kill a puppy (or any kind of animal) in the mother’s womb?”  How would you feel? Then it became a new law saying, “You can now kill an animal in the mother’s womb before birth.”  So how would you feel if you could abort an animal just like you can abort a baby? 

   Think of the pain that animal would feel being killed before he/her sees the world and the pain, except it is a tiny baby person being killed, the baby’s arms and legs ripped off! Imagine you being grabbed by someone and he ripped your arms and legs off — that’s what happen ...

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