Today's Special Offer Will Not Last!

January 2023

  I despise 99% of everything on television today. Yet, I watch, not frequently, but I do. I admit to it. I can’t seem to quit.

   Why? I’ve found that it is more than habit. Television is telling us what’s coming. It is an eye to a dystopian future.

   Decades ago, my dad called it the “boob tube,” and we laughed as a family, but we watched. Not frequently, but enough, to know it was different then.

   Once upon a time, we caught a favorite program or two just to be entertained. They were family oriented, funny and harmless, or educational, adventuresome or enriching. If a cowboy show had too much violence, Mom or Dad or Grandma would just turn to another channel or turn it off and grab a book to read. If I was bored by a concert my folks were listening to, I crawled up on the couch and fell asleep in somebody’s lap. No harm, and nothing was foul. Today, it is very different.

   Last night, I fell asleep while watching somebody cook an impossibly fancy dish in an incredibly short period of time. I woke up hours later, to the end of a commercial which was warning, “Today’s special offer will not last.” I was instantly awake!

   THAT was the message I needed to share.

   For a long time, I’d been analyzing screen content ...

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