America's Fight With Corruption (Part 1)

January 2023

   Abraham Lincoln has been attributed with saying, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms, it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.” Whether he said it or not is irrelevant.  It is a fact. No military has the might to overthrow the United States, not even China. If we are attacked, our hunters alone comprise the largest standing army on Earth. Actually, the hunters in just four states accomplish that.  Add forty-six more states and any invaders face a mountain they cannot climb.

   What we have seen in just the last eighteen months proves that the destruction, if it occurs, will be from our own political parties.  The present administration is, little by little,  disassembling the foundation we were built on and the principles that made us the greatest nation in the world. It actually started with Obama and his loathing of our Constitution.  When the so-called Affordable Care Act passed, he proceeded to change it five times.  Laws can be changed, but the President has no authority to do so. The Constitution authorizes the President to propose and veto legislation. It does not authorize him to change existing laws. The changes Mr. Obama ordered in Obamacare, therefore, are unconstitutional. This means that he does not accept some of the limitations that the Constitution places on his actions. We cannot ...

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