Answering Tough Questions

February 2023

   How would you react and how would you advise your teen if he or she came home with this news? “At my school 50% of the girls say they are lesbian or identify as boys.”

   Or how about this: “A guy came to school today wearing heels, a dress, and make up. I decided out of respect, I should talk to this student using feminine pronouns. He told me, ‘I am not a girl. Just because I am dressed like a girl, doesn’t mean I am one. I am still male and want you to use male pronouns.’”

   I didn’t make these stories up. I have heard them from parents whose children go to public schools in our state.

   Let’s take this a step further. Pastors, if parents came to you with these stories and wanted help, what would you say? How would you advise these parents?

   Living in sexual anarchy isn’t easy for any of us — and it’s getting more challenging every day. Even for — and maybe especially for — Christians. The Bible is very clear on how God created us: male and female, and on personal sexual purity. Sexual expression according to God’s plan is only right and good within the confines of a marriage between one man and one woman.

   We, long ago, culturally jettisoned God’s absolute truths in these areas. That was a c ...

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