February 2023
   The power of prayer is often overlooked and misunderstood, even among Christians. Most of the time when we, as believers, go to the Lord in prayer, it can look like we are taking a shopping list to the Lord, rather than having a conversation with our Father. It is as simple as understanding that God wants to hear from us, He wants to have a conversation with us and the question that we as believers must ask is: do we want to have a conversation with the Lord?
   Many believers rob themselves of the blessings that there are in praying. We can go so far as engaging in spiritual warfare through the power of prayer. Even Jesus Christ Himself, when He was here on earth,  frequently withdrew from the crowds, often even from His own inner circle of disciples, to be alone and to pray to His Father. I believe that Christ prayed not only to be an example to us, but because He wanted that time with the Father. I believe that Jesus, being fully God and fully man, connected His divinity and His humanity through prayer. Jesus aligned His will with the will of the Father through prayer. Prayer played a crucial role in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. 

   Prayer also played a crucial role in the life of the disciples and the early believers. If it was important enough for the Creator of all heaven and earth to take time frequently away from friends and loved ones that He ...

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