Inflation Combat Guide For 2023

February 2023
   You’ll love how easy it is to understand. Why is inflation such a problem now? What causes inflation, and what are the real effects? Finally, what needs to be done to bring it under control and to an end?

   Find simple, plain language answers in the United States Citizen Inflation Combat Guide for 2023. Here are some highlights. The Inflation Combat Guide provides the details! – (Scott Liddicoat, author).

Why inflation now?
   Massive deficit spending during the last few years while our economy was handcuffed and shut down changed everything. Suddenly a dynamic free enterprise system was prevented from increasing the supply of goods and services going into the economy. At the same time, the economy was flooded with deficit dollars in record numbers. How much deficit spending? Close to $8 trillion in the last three years. So Why (such oppressive) Inflation Now? When you throw $8 trillion deficit dollars into the economy at the same time you’ve restricted economic expansion, it’s guaranteed to happen. That’s. Why. Now.

How is it caused?
   As government money created from nothing is spent and pushed into the economy, its value, its
purchasing power, goes down. Whenever the supply of dollars increases while the quantity of consumer goods remain the same, the value of mon ...

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