“We Will Use Their Laws to Take Over Their Country”

February 2023

   I received an email asking my help to describe to lawmakers how Muslims use the laws in civilized countries to take over their nations. The following is my letter to the lawmakers on how Muslims use issues such as human rights to change our very own laws which will result in taking away our God-given rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion:

   “My name is Usama Dakok. I was born and raised in Egypt and am an expert in the area of Islamic jurisprudence. I have translated the Qur’an into English from Arabic, providing the most literal translation of the Qur’an available in the English language. I know first-hand what Islam is, as I studied Islam for over 45 years, including Sharia (Islamic law) in college in Egypt. Therefore, I know for a fact that there is no freedom of speech or freedom of religion in Islam. 

   “Also, I know how my Egyptian ancestors, down through the centuries, have been treated since Muslims immigrated to Egypt, and, as Mohammed commanded, were peaceable until they had the upper hand. Then that is when Muslims forcefully took over my homeland by killing the Egyptian men who would not accept the Allah of the Qur’an and practice its teaching and Mohammed’s sayings in the hadith. I know how non-Muslims are treated in my home country of Egypt and the rest of the 57 Muslim countries.   

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