This is What I’ve Learned... ...About the Golden Rule!

February 2023

   Many years ago, I read a book by Robert Fulghum called, “All I Really Need To Know…I Learned in Kindergarten.” 

   His book of “uncommon thoughts on common things,” is a work of pure practical knowledge about the common things we were all taught and should have learned early on in life. About how we are to conduct ourselves, and maintain the very best of relations with others, throughout our life-times.

   Unfortunately though, much of this common kindergarten knowledge on appropriate human behavior seems to have been either forgotten, or perhaps tossed aside in our society today.

   Now you can call me “old school,” but at nearly 66 years of age, I believe that Robert’s book should be required reading for children of all ages to be reviewed often.

   For in his book, Fulghum wrote about such common things as this…

   “Share everything.” “Don’t take things that aren’t yours.” “Put things back where you found them.” “Clean up your own mess.”  “Wash your hands before you eat.” And of course… “Flush.” 

   I’m sure you can relate. 

   I love Fulghum’s book, because it’ ...

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