Rooted in Christ: How a Leader Develops a Christ-Centered Identity

February 2023

  A leader is a person that has influence with others. To influence others well, a leader must walk in integrity, lead with character, and be humble yet confident. And to do those things a leader’s identity must be rooted in Jesus Christ.

   But how does a leader develop a rooted identity in Christ? Developing your identity in Christ does not happen overnight, it must be a daily, intentional process that includes the following:

● Allowing the truth of God’s Word to transform you. Just reading scripture is not enough; a leader must meditate, or dwell, on scripture to let it sink in and begin to transform his/her thinking, attitude, and ultimately outward behavior.

● Nurturing your relationship with God through prayer. Prayer is a leader’s communication with Almighty God, and it is two-way communication. As God reveals himself to us more and more, we come to know the fullness of His grace, mercy, might and love, and this compels us to bring more and more of what is on our heart to Him in prayer. Prayer is also us quieting ourselves before Him so that we can know what He is speaking to us.

● Worshiping God. Worship is a leader’s outward expression of joy and praise to God for who He is and what He has done for us. We often think of worship only in song, but we can worship God in several ways. Worship becomes part of who we are, an ...

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