Does America Have a Prayer?

February 2023

   It is “self-evident” that  over the few centuries of its existence, AMERICA, as history records, has been The SOURCE of many Great Works and THE BENEFACTOR to the entire world.  It’s hard to imagine where that world would be today had NOT our Founding Founders (1600s/1700s) risked their all (including their own lives) undertaking the "Great American Experiment.”

   Sadly, today’s America is much, much different than what these brave Founders could have ever imagined or envisioned!  The USA has, for all intent and purpose, become an “immoral” and “unjust” nation (or rather “Empire” ... you know just like the European Empires of Colonialism) and has been especially of late a “bad” and all too often “evil” influence on other nations of the world.

   Meanwhile back home here in the USA we are found to be:

• Imprisoning Patriots and calling them “Insurgents.”

• Confusing and abusing young children mutilating their bodies in the process.

• Dividing our citizens  into sharply defined groups ( looking more and more like what we did with the Japanese under FDR in WWII)  . . .While installing deadly fears in , and resentment of,  our fellow Americans in the process.

&bul ...

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