“We Will Use Their Laws to Take Over Their Country” (Part 2)

Complimentary Story
March 2023

   In this article, we continue with my letter that addressed lawmakers on how Muslims use the laws in civilized countries to take over these countries. The topic of the letter was on freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

   If Islam is just another religion, as there are thousands of religions in the world today, then we must declare that Muslims have the right to practice Islam. However, the problem is much bigger than this because Islam is not just another religion. For example, let us look at freedom of religion. If I were to speak to you as a Muslim man would, without any doubt I would convince you that freedom of religion is one of the fundamental beliefs of Islam by simply quoting verses from the Qur’an. For example, in Qur’an 2:256, Allah stated: “No compulsion in religion,” which means no one can compel anyone else to believe in Islam for this is a personal and free choice of each individual to believe. Also, in Qur’an 109:6, Allah commanded Mohammed to tell the infidels of Mecca: “To you your religion, and to me is my religion.” 

   These two verses imply that Muslims can enjoy liberty and freedom of religion in the West. However, what the West does not know is that in the Qur’an there is a very important doctrine, the Doctrine of Abrogation, in which Allah clearly gave two opposite commands. What Allah stated in the early days of Mohammed (while he lived in Mecca claiming to be a prophet and in the early years while he was living in Medina) contradicts what Allah gave Mohammed in the last years of his life.  

   In fact, Islam was not birthed when Mohammed was born or when he claimed to be a prophet at the age of forty but thirteen years later after he immigrated from Mecca to Medina. Therefore, the new and final commands in the Qur’an are actually what Muslims believe and practice. The West needs to know that this same Qur’an which teaches no compulsion in religion also teaches that Muslims must kill all those who reject Islam as stated in Qur’an 9:5. This verse is known by all Muslim scholars as the “Verse of the Sword,” and as long as Muslims do not have the upper hand, they will hold on to the Mecce and early Medini chapters (the early words of Allah to Mohammed when he was living in Mecca and the early years in Medina) which are abrogated (cancelled, erased, deleted, or replaced) verses of the Qur’an (the later Medini chapters, the late or final words of Allah to Mohammed when he was living in Medina). This is when you see Muslims as peaceful, loving people turn into jihadis and warmongers as stated in Qur’an 47:35. That is after Muslims become strong in the land.

   The same mosques which Muslims built and used for prayers will finally be used as military bases where Muslims will launch war and practice jihad in the West, as stated by Muslims themselves in the Holy Land Foundation Trial (Texas) document, “The Strategic Goal for Muslims in North America.” You may think freedom of religion will give the people of the West the right to practice or freely leave their religion of their ancestors. This means if anyone chooses to become a Muslim, he or she would have the right to leave such beliefs at their convenience, but what the new Muslim convert and the West does not know is that when the right time comes and Muslims fully practice Islam in the West, then Muslims will be killing non-Muslims and even Muslims who apostate (leave) Islam as Allah stated in Qur’an 6:151: “….And do not kill the soul which Allah forbids except with a just cause.”  Mohammed explained what the “just cause” is by stating in Sahih Muslim: “The blood of the Muslim cannot be shed except in three cases: those who commit adultery, kill another Muslim soul, and apostate (leave) Islam.”

   So, can Muslims practice Islam in the West? According to the early abrogated doctrines of Islam, the answer must be yes. However, according to the final unabrogated ideology of Islam, the answer is absolutely no. If the people of the West would understand what is yet to come in their children and grandchildren’s future, they would not allow Muslims to build mosques here, and they would not allow Muslims to even exist in the West.

   What about hate speech? Civilized people do not like hate speech. It is degrading for anyone to insult others. Hate speech should be considered a crime. The Bible declared that we will be judged of every hateful/degrading word according to Ephesians 4:29: “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.” 

   Therefore, hate speech is rejected by Christians. However, what is hate speech? If it is true information which we hate to hear or to know, will we consider it to be punishable or forbidden? Imagine someone who is sick and goes to see a doctor. After a thorough examination, the doctor discovers that his patient is very ill. The doctor then reports this terrible news with all the evidence of the illness to his patient. Can the patient then sue the doctor for hate speech and demand that the doctor never practice medicine again?  Who would benefit if the law of the land stops doctors from doing their jobs? Of course, no one would.

   If people knew and understood the true nature of Islam, they would love not only their own people but even the Muslims who live in the West. The understanding of the phrase “hate speech” by Muslims is totally different than we in the West know it to be. The only way the West can save themselves and the Muslims who live in their midst is that they must not only know Islam but teach the real Islam to the Muslims.

   Fixing the problem of Islam cannot be through wars because the problem of Islam is a spiritual problem that cannot be won by bullets or bombs. Fixing the problem of real Islam is not by mocking or drawing cartoon pictures of Mohammed because this will add fuel to the fire which already consumes this earth between Muslims and non-Muslims.

   On the other hand, silencing the truth of Islam from the people of the West and the Muslims will not bring any good future for that in itself will help Muslims to continue to grow in number and might. That is when Muslims will have the upper hand as they continue to use the laws of the West to take over the Western countries. If we continue to allow Muslims to practice freedom of religion, for sure their numbers will continue to grow, and if we change the laws of the West to stop anyone from speaking the truth about Islam, this will bring double success to the Muslims. However, if we expose the truth about Islam to non-Muslims and Muslims alike, this will lead to the following two results. First, there will be no new converts to Islam. Second, many Muslims will apostate and leave Islam.

   So you must first consider what hate speech is. If I open the final words of the Qur’an and the teachings of Mohammed in the hadith and read them in public to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, will this be considered hate speech?  For that is what Muslims in the West would love to convince our politicians to do. If Muslims succeed in silencing people of speaking the truth about Islam by deceiving lawmakers into amending or making such hate speech laws, that will give Muslims the full right to use these laws and take over the West.
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