Nutrition For Life (Part 2)

Complimentary Story
March 2023

  Good nutrition on all levels — body, mind, and spirit — is essential to be whole. For most of us it’s about the “wholeness of Christ.”  The experience of wholeness or completion as a child of God is a wonderful thing. “You are complete in Him.” (Colossians 2:10).  The journey can have growing pains, but the end result of better health now plus joy and peace that you do “take with you” makes it more than worthwhile. As noted in Part 1, the miracle sparks at conception reported in April 2016 by scientists at the University of Chicago can grow into beautiful expressions of life giving glory to God but it only works if a new life is properly nourished. (“A Spark of Light flashes like fireworks when egg and sperm meet”).

   As explained in Part 1, the consequences of a failure to hear Jesus (Matthew 6) regarding God’s ways of feeding His children has resulted in epidemics of heart disease, autism for the young, Alzheimers for the old, obesity, diabetes, addictions, random acts of violence, high occupancy rates of mental institutions and jails, hormonal and sexual confusion – the sad list goes on and on with few connecting the dots most “experts” included.

   However, some are connecting the dots between a failure to hear Jesus and lives maimed and destroyed. As Christians, we pray daily for His Kingdom to come ON EARTH. Some are asking — what can I do to help make this happen besides praying? The answer is in two parts. Part one is about what you can do for yourself. Part two is what you can do for others. In Luke, Jesus began His teachings by recognizing that He was expected to “heal thyself.”  Soon after Jesus and His disciples were healing “all manner of disease.” There is a pathway to healing and personal wellness and wholeness that is testable, scientific, and Scripturally valid. When wonderful results are experienced it becomes very difficult to follow this path without also trying to help others. It behooves us all to be honest with ourselves, as Jesus was, and take things in proper order beginning with “heal thyself.”

   On this path that some call “Nutrition-For-Life” we have choices! One choice is a decision to take responsibility for one’s health and not blame or delegate. It’s tempting to blame genes, parents, or society in general for health breakdowns, failures, and weaknesses. This doesn’t get you anywhere. The idea of depending on a doctor to fix what you mess up, although necessary at times, is also a dead end idea and excuse to keep messing up. Whatever our history, we are in charge of today and tomorrow. We face consequences of choices we make day by day — good or bad. “Choose life.” (Deuteronomy 30:19-20).

   A second choice if you decide to take personal responsibility for your health from this day forward is – will it be a “systems” or “chaos” approach? Much of what goes on in natural healing is chaotic. God told Isaiah in 45:18 “He did not create it (our world) a chaos. He created it to be inhabited.” What we now know from science is that all creation works by SYSTEMS. These range from solar and galactic systems to micro systems inside cells.

   Around us are multiple systems of life. One example is animals that consume oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide while plants do the opposite. Some systems were noted by Jesus — “A tree is known by its fruits” — “Do we gather grapes from thistles?” etc.
Basic biology tells us our bodies are also organized in systems from digestion and circulation to a nervous system headed by a brain. Nature and human anatomy reveal miracles of life that are complicated beyond comprehension. Trying to find a path to wholeness in the midst of tons of detail would be hopeless if it weren’t for body systems. Systems rule! Body systems are upstream to glands, organs, muscles, bones, brains, blood, and 40 trillion cells (give or take a trillion or two). It makes sense for anyone interested in a pathway to wholeness to learn how to balance key body systems!

   The third choice follows from the first two. In balancing body systems, do we want a test approach or a guess approach? Most will say “test” but few will know the power of self-testing until they actually do it! It’s one thing to read and learn something. It’s something else to do something different, test, and experience results. It’s the difference between a verbal description of pain and sticking your hand in fire. If an apple or salad or whole food diet bring the joy of less pain, less cancer, better digestion, more energy, and a healthy saliva pH, you have learned something at a deeper level that may stick awhile.

   Jesus told us to learn from God “They shall all be taught of God.” (John 6:45). Nutrition-For- Life can make you whole in body, mind, soul. There are no guarantees, just opportunities. Now you have the truth that can set you free from helplessness and hopelessness. Follow a pathway to wholeness in the name of Jesus, powered by His Word and His truth. “Feed My lambs; feed My sheep; feed My sheep.”

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