Church: Wake Up to 'Woke!'

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

March 2023

  I am sternly opposed to the Church capitulating to the culture. I like the expression I’ve heard, “the church is downstream of the culture.” I see that evidenced in their constant emulating the most popular or current trends and fads and mannerisms in a desperate attempt to be mainstream, and accepted as the “hip” place to be.

   The Church seems desperate to fill the vacant spots in the pews and the collection plates.

   Like the military dropping their standards of performance, excellence and moral code because of  cultural pressure and political correctness to attract new recruits, the Church has codified into practice, less than strict adherence to the word of God in areas of morality and social construct, and are now more concerned about being obedient to the Marxist critical theory agenda and the universal acceptance of the idea that all faiths lead to heaven, than strict allegiance and unyielding devotion to the divinely inspired word of God.

   Hopefully, the current revival happening on campuses around the country will spread to the Church and wake it up to the fallacy and unscriptural “woke” agenda that they are so loyally following.

-Russell Call, Bixby, OK

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