Dopamine: America's Drug of Choice

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March  2023

   When one looks at America today, you cannot help but see a 1984 Bizarro World where we find citizens trapped in throes of hedonism: “the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.”  Hmmm...did you catch that?  Nothing remotely spiritual there. We’re no longer one nation under The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but a nation sacrificing their spirits to the gods of secular humanism. For far too long, we’ve been told that we’re a nation where everyone is entitled to feel good...with the exception of those rascally ole white Americans (especially the male of the species).

An Internal Problem
   My pastor recently asked the question as to what the most dangerous drug in America is today. Of course, the first drug that popped up was fentanyl, and then crack, cocaine or maybe even alcohol...right?  Nope!  According to the pastor, it is dopamine. Wait...what in God’s name is dopamine?

   First of all, dopamine is not a street corner drug, but a drug that is created by your brain. It’s a “feel-good” hormone that gives you a sense of pleasure and is part of your body’s designed reward system. According to the Cleveland Clinic “... our human brains are hard-wired to seek out behaviors that release dopamine in our reward system, and if you have a high dopamine level, you will appear euphoric and energized. When we feel good, we typically seek more of that feeling.” 

   This wouldn’t have been a problem before sin opened the door to evil. It would seem that God even intended for us to feel long as we were behaving righteously!  Therein lies the rub as “they” say.

   I remember learning in Sunday School about a gentleman by the name of Solomon, who said “all is vanity.”  Now, he would surely know, for this was a dude who literally ran the first dopamine headquarters!  He wanted for nothing in an empire where silver was never used because gold was so abundant to his kingdom. He had some 700 wives plus concubines and was always eating and drinking like a king. Trouble was, the more he lived deliciously, the more his brain called for greater amounts of dopamine to sustain the high he had become addicted to. Sadly, in the end, he ran out of the next greatest worldly pursuit that was capable of kicking off the higher level of dopamine needed.

   This is the typical path all addictions take. Yet, dopamine might just be Satan’s best addictive deception of all. Since it’s created by the brain, and Satan finds it easy to fool us with psychological mind games (lies) about the unrighteous, worldly pleasures we deserve to store up for ourselves (“...did God really say...?”).  It’s very easy for him to get us to at least taste of its pleasure. Surely, just a little bit of its intoxicating effects won't hurt us. But since our brain is involved in both falling for his lie and in producing the reward, it’s extra hard to reverse course with this particular addiction.

Taking it to the Streets
   Worse yet, the need for a dopamine fix can become a problem not just in individuals, but in entire nations. All drug dealers look for younger and younger victims and America is no different. But in the case of our nation’s dopamine addiction, the drug peddler knew to take his lie to the public school systems, where they children are made to, yep you guessed it, feel good. Once they are enthralled with that, it is engrained that they’re entitled to a lifetime of feeling good. They learn that the ultimate goal in life is to search for their own special interest groups that will applaud and help maintain their much needed dopamine levels. That is also why there are so many special interest groups from Black Lives Matter to Mother Earth worshipers.

Bringing it Home   
   The bottom line is that in America today, it’s feelings over facts, a movement that likely started over 70 years ago when Satan figured out ways to get mom and pop to relinquish their rule over the home. There is not enough space here to detail all the ways Satan infiltrated and succeeded in destroying God’s ordained family structure. Suffice it to say, that the crucial foundation God had intended children to have was stolen.  A vacuum was purposely created, and a replacement was needed, which our government run schools gladly supplied. It is in the home where parents need to either start or rebuild a Godly foundation where their children can “sober up” and transition from their addiction to become a functional citizen. Sure, it will be hard, but “with God all things are possible.” Amen?
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