Carnal 'Christians'

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March 2023

  Last summer, we had an incident in Black River Falls in which one of the young teens rallied several of her friends to stand on the local bridge advocating for Roe vs. Wade and for the right to murder children. Many of the females were scantily dressed, and were yelling obscenities, profanity and vulgar remarks that were so disgusting that I cannot print them here. But they included the F-word and female anatomy parts and worse. 

   Several of these young women were members of the local churches! Their parents had turned their primary responsibilities of parenting over to the public school system and this, along with attending “spiritually dead” churches, are the result. And, several of these young women were Valedictorians or Summa Cum Laude of their classes, so this is considered the best of the best! One of their parents was even supporting, encouraging and participating in this wicked behavior.

   I spoke with the young woman who initiated this protest, prior to her “friends” showing up. And, though I could see she was very bitter and angry, I was able to have a short conversation with her.

   She had recently been at a Pride event in which Christians were yelling at them, telling them they were going to hell and she said she didn’t have time for hateful people. I asked her why she thought that these Christians were there. She stated, “To tell us we were going to hell!” She stated she is no longer a Christian. I reminded her that God says that all sinners will go to hell and this includes those practicing and supporting homosexuality and abortion. I told her that, as Christians, if we KNOW that someone is going to perish and spend eternity in hell and we do not warn them, wouldn’t that be considered “hate?” She didn’t answer. I then told her that those few Christians that showed up at the Pride event were actually showing, “love,” not “hate” and that love looks like hate to those who do not know the truth and want to continue in their sins.

   She didn’t say anything. I then mentioned that it was a good thing that her mother is pro-life, in which, she replied, “My mom is pro-choice!” I then mentioned that her mother cannot be pro-choice and walk with God. I believe she stated something to the effect, with profanity to not say anything bad about her mom (if she only realized what her ACTIONS were saying about her parents!) and, at that point, a couple of her friends were arriving so I left.

   A short while later, my wife and youngest daughter were returning from softball practice and, since there were no Christians there representing Christ and being a voice for our pre-born neighbors, and we had abolition signs in our van, we decided to stand on the bridge. We called friends who were in the area and they brought their children out as well.

   We stood out there for about two hours. But, their profanity, vulgarity and sexual comments were getting so bad, we finally left.

   As we were finishing, I was approached by a writer for Vanity Fair who wanted to know why we were out there. I simply told him that we are Christians and that God commands us to be out there standing against injustice and being a voice for the voiceless. He acknowledged that he is a liberal writer so we did not expect it to be well written in favor of truth. And it wasn’t! He wrote a very one-sided article (of which this was only a small part of his article), but he was very sympathetic to women’s rights (just not pre-born women’s rights!), mentioned nothing about God or babies being tortured to death and gave them a platform of creditability, which tragically, was a sick joke.

   In the Vanity Fair article, the young woman called me the “town extremist.” This is for our family’s stand against abortion and actually obeying God’s commands and loving the “least of these.” In a community with 30+ “pastors,” 50+ elders and over a thousand professing Christians, if even FIVE of them were actually standing against abortion, I very much doubt I would be known for this. In our community, on the “Day of Judgment,” this will be to the shame of “Christians,” if they do not repent and turn to Jesus Christ! 

   But, it is interesting that a common denominator is that false Christians, Atheists and Satanists quickly gathered together for abortion and homosexuality, as these young folks did that night, as well as the following night.

   If you would like to see how vile these young people were, here is a link to the article in VF-

   Saints, please pray for these lost souls and their families.  To God be the glory!

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