There Is None Else

April 2023

   As we observe what is taking place in society, we come away feeling helpless, that life is grim and there’s just no possible hope of recovery.  We see a world that is going down the tubes very fast and look for the nearest fallout shelter in order to take cover.  We wonder, “Where is this all headed?  How much time do we have left?  Who or what can save us from the destructive course we’re on?”

   As we consider these questions, we begin to evaluate various facets of society which have influence on the populace.

   Consider what’s happening in educational institutions (pre-school to college) where impressionable minds are being indoctrinated with the affairs of this world’s system.  A teacher in Arizona recently testified at a public hearing pertaining to parental rights, “I have a master’s degree.  Because when I got certified, I was told I had to have a master’s degree to be an Arizona-certified teacher.  We all have advanced degrees.  What do the parents have? Are we vetting the background of parents? Are we allowing the parents to choose the curriculum and the books that our children are going to read?  I think that’s a mistake.  I’m just speaking from the heart. The one line that I love is we must remember the purpose of public education is not to teach ...

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