Precious Life v. Hospital COVID Protocol

April  2023

   There was no need for an ambulance. No life flight. John Zingsheim walked into a Wisconsin Hospital in the Aurora Health Care system, and tested positive for COVID. Within ten minutes, the doctor told him, “Mr. Zingsheim, you’re going to die,” and placed him into the Medicare/Medicaid (CMS) hospital COVID protocol (aka “NIH protocol”).

   It would not be the last time they spoke death over John. Whether the verbalizations were intended to be a goal, I know not. But this I do know: they did give John unproven Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) drugs Baricitinib (which causes blood clots and Sepsis) and Remdesivir (which is toxic to the liver and kidneys according to the National Institute of Health [NIH]). They refused to give him life-saving high-dose intravenous Vitamin C and Ivermectin.

   Indeed, under their care, his kidneys did fail. He did have to be placed on dialysis. He experienced Sepsis numerous times. He had multiple punctures in his left lung. He had countless blood transfusions. He was dying on the ventilator. The drugs they gave him did their thing.

   The hospital sent a hospice team to each family member trying to convince them to “pull the plug” on John, stating there was nothing more the hospital could do.

   His nephew, Allen Gahl, his Power of Attorney (PO ...

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