What Is the 'Fair Share' In Taxes?

April 2023

   I have suffered Leftists playing their class warfare games for decades, griping that the “rich aren’t paying their fair share” and that “you can’t get ahead because of the wealthy.” Last time I checked, no millionaire ever stole my property, and billionaires cannot force people to buy their products or work for them.

   I’m not writing this to defend the rich; they don’t need me to fight their battles. I want Leftists to explain the “fair share” in taxes.

   During the first two years under Bill Clinton and then Barack Obama’s terms, Democrats held the majority of the House and Senate. They could have rewritten the entire federal tax code. They pushed through Obamacare with that majority, didn’t they? 

   Democrats could have eliminated all the tax “loopholes,” showing us all their vision of tax fairness. They didn’t. Neither did Republicans from 2001-2006 under George W. Bush and the first two years under Donald Trump.

   Here is a dirty little secret. Neither major party wants to eliminate the byzantine, unfair progressive income tax or the IRS. Does that surprise you?

   Think about it. Republicans are now talking about a flat tax. In 2017, they proposed making taxes so simple that “…nine ...

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