Left and Right Thinking

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

April  2023

   The supposedly “unbiased” mainstream news media, use the terms, “far right” and “extreme right.”  Exposing the lie of their impartiality claims, have you ever heard any one of them referring to a far- or extreme-left position? Of course maybe they are simply reflecting the true picture of the political spectrum. 

   In geometry terminology it is called a “ray,” from one solid point an infinite number of other points extend out in one direction only. Unlike, a line which extends infinitely in both directions; or a segment which extends between two set points. The last has been the traditional concept, far right and far left points with more or less moderate points in between them. 

   To some, the media’s asymmetrical political spectrum may seem “unfair,” but there is no solid point in the abyss. Consider that single point on the far right as the Truth. If something is true it cannot belied about;  but as it is, lies about it now are limitless. At some point, traditional beliefs in right and wrong, true and false etc., became “extreme” to them as they drifted to the left. 

   Political correctness has no absolutes, but drifts with the winds of emotions. Now, consider what Ecclesiastes 10:2 rel ...

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