Landmark Lawsuit Calls Out Doctors & Nurses

April 2023

   A press conference was held on Thursday, March 30, to announce the Schara family has begun a lawsuit for the death of Grace Schara, their daughter, against 5 doctors: Gavin Shokar, M.D., David Beck, M.D., Daniel Leonard, M.D., Karl Baum, M.D. and Ramana Marada, M.D., as well as 2 nurses: Hollee McInnis, R.N. and Alison Barkholtz, R.N., along with St. Elizabeth Hospital and Ascension Health in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Request for Mediation that was filed on March 30, 2023 by their Wisconsin attorney Joseph Voiland included the condition or disease for which the health care provider was treating Grace when the negligence occurred and the dates of treatment was for low oxygen saturation, viral infection, pneumonia and conditions secondary or created thereafter under the hospital’s care from October 6-13, 2021, including acute hypoxic respiratory failure. Additionally, Gavin Shokar, M.D., wrongfully placed a “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) order on Grace and by which their negligence caused Grace’s death.

   At the press conference Scott began with a prayer asking for the doctors and nurses who helped end Grace’s life to repent. Attorney Joe Voiland truthfully stated “the Schara family are true fighters for patient rights and informed consent.” He went on to state that “informed consent is two words...and if more doctors upheld their duty to informed consent ...

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