What Difference Does It Make? (Part 2)

April 2023

  When I see what is happening in the “Church” today, someone needs to ask, What difference did it make concerning the doctrinal issues that have been argued for decades, or even centuries?

   (1.) Are there six literal days of creation in Genesis 1 and 2?  What right do we have as mortals to question, or counsel God (Job 21:22)?  If we justify questioning God’s Word about creation; can we also find justification for questioning any of God’s words?  Does it really make any difference when we compromise God’s thoughts or man’s thoughts by what we think? Are we not adding to, or taking away from the Scriptures? When I have shared some of my findings concerning controversial subjects, I usually get one of two common responses. “You are making it too complicated” or “What difference does it make?” There is only one response: “All scripture speaks for itself!”

   (2.)  What was the original sin, and the basis for all sin?  When I ask this question, I have gotten a variety of answers.  Iniquity, which is the knowledge of evil, is the basis for all sin.  That knowledge of evil, which was introduced into the world by Adam and Eve, (Genesis 3:1-7), has never gone away.  As God said in Exodus 20:5 that “the iniquity of the fathers,” not their sins, are visited upon th ...

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