Transgenderism — A Psychotic Mental Disorder

April 2023

   WEB-MD steps all over itself in order to “protect” Transgenderism, but winds up (unintentionally) defining it as a “Psychotic mental disorder!”

   It seems the godless Left just can’t help themselves. Professing to be wise – they continue to be exposed as fools.

   I decided to take a closer look at how the medical community was attempting to “dance” around the issue in order to cope with the most recent perverse and politically-correct Leftist agenda. What I discovered was most interesting… See if you don’t agree.

   This is how WEB-MD begins its “definition” of Gender Dysphoria (Transgenderism). It used to be called “Gender Identity Disorder.”

   “People who have gender dysphoria FEEL STRONGLY that they are not the gender they PHYSICALLY APPEAR TO BE.  For example, a person who has a penis and ALL OTHER physical traits of a MALE might FEEL instead that HE is actually a FEMALE. That person would have an INTENSE DESIRE to have a female body and to be accepted by others as a female.” (Emphasis added).

   This is a fairly typical definition of the condition – found across the board on officially recognized medical sites and in modern medical journals.

   Then WEB-MD dec ...

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