Manufacturing Mental Illness

   The horrific murders that took place in late March at a Christian school in Nashville has led to many investigations — as to the motive, the means and the way the killings were carried out.  Audrey Hale, age 28, “identified” as a transgender male, going by the name of “Aiden.”  Hale apparently planned the carnage for some time, leaving behind a “manifesto” which justice officials have refused to release, in order to protect the “trans” agenda.  During her planning, she also created detailed maps of the Covenant School and church building, with multiple possible entry points and it appears the victims were killed at random. The “target” of the attacks were the church — and the school itself — which she had attended as a child.
   When Hale “came out” as being a homosexual, her Christian parents refused to accept that.  But her parents were apparently in the dark about many things related to their daughter, even though she still lived with her parents at age 28.  They were not aware that their daughter identified as “transgender.”  They believed she once owned one gun, but that she had sold it.  In reality, she owned seven guns, three of which she used during the attack, and she trained regularly at a local gun range.  Her mother said she left ho ...

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