Divorce, Adult Desires and Children

May 2023

   Divorce has become so prevalent that we often forget how harmful it is to children.

   Statistically, children with divorced parents suffer in all areas of life. They are more likely to develop behavioral problems, struggle academically, commit crime, live in poverty, abuse drugs and alcohol, experience illness, and suffer from psychological distress.

   Demographic Research released a study last year that shows that divorce has an even greater impact on children than parental death when it comes to their education. The study included data from 17 countries, emphasizing the virtually universal harm divorce has on children. It’s not unreasonable to assume that divorce has a similar impact on areas of a child’s life beyond education.

   Unfortunately, state laws are not helping the millions of children who will suffer from broken families. With no-fault divorce laws, marriages are now easier to end than cell phone contracts, and they reflect the ever-growing belief that all that matters is what the adults want — what they think they “need” to be “happy” — regardless of what is best for the children.

   Wisconsin, in particular, has the worst combination of divorce laws in the country with our no-fault, no-contest approach to divorce. Since the late ‘70s, Wisconsin couples h ...

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