The Christian, Self Defense and War

May  2023

   The question is, “Is it ever right for a Christian to fight? To resist by force? To take up arms? To kill?” These are certainly questions for every sincere followers of Jesus Christ to consider. Obviously, the answer lies in The Word of God and from history, and has been taught by men of solid Christian character for centuries. Let’s take a look at both God’s Word and history!

   Most modern day “churchianity” believes a heresy that has been promulgated by the lukewarm pulpits that dominate the church today. It’'s hard for most, especially “underfed” Christians, to realize that they are not hearing and being taught the whole counsel of God’s Word. Just about all denominations, (heresies-II Peter 2:1), Strong’s Concordance NO. 139- disunion, or “sect,” Webster’s 1828 Dictionary- to separate a body or number of persons united in tenets, chiefly on philosophy or religion), have a “partial” of truth, but never seem to desire to get beyond their “denominational” doctrines. 

   Let’s face the facts, people. Satan has greatly weakened the once unified body of Christ, divided, and all but destroyed its effectiveness. (Matthew 12:25, Luke 11:17).  It’s even a solid biblical teaching that Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. And h ...

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