The Answer to ‘1984’ is 1776!

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

May  2023

   Let’s be frank and honest about what America has degenerated into, contrary to what Biden (most corrupt and incompetent US “president” ever and our prevaricator in chief) stated in his national address.

   America, like the Titanic, is a sinking ship and just as the icy waters rose foot by foot, deck by deck, to take it down, so will the rising tide of globalist tyranny engulf US as we the sheeple sleepwalk into Armageddon with Russia over Ukraine or into economic calamity over the utterly unconscionable debt debacle underway. 

   Stop kicking the debt can down the road for future generations and let the government crash and burn by default so sound money policy can rise from the ashes. We made this bed of financial ruin so let US now lie in it and reap the consequences of our fiscal folly and reap what we have sown and not pass the buck onto our posterity.

   A federal judge stated recently we Americans no longer agree on what is right or wrong, what is to be valued and what is not, what is acceptable behavior and not, and what is and is not tolerable discourse in civilized society. Let alone do we agree on how we want to be governed or by whom, or where we go from here and with what shared national ideals, values, beliefs, purposes, goals, and objectives — if any a ...

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