This Is What I've Learned...About Fireworks

May 2023

   We had a record spring snowfall of thirty four inches here in Red Lodge, Montana back in late March, and although it was beautiful, it took us a while to shovel and plow ourselves out to the county dirt road that runs along our property, and for things to return to somewhat normal. But for those of us living life here in the Beartooth Mountains, dealing with snow is normal, no matter what amount of snowfall a spring day may bring. 

   Not long after most of the snow had melted off, while I was at the end of our country lane, a neighbor of mine who’s a believer pulled up, and knowing I was a retired minister asked me this question while we were visiting… “Layton, do you believe the Lord’s coming back soon?” My reply was, “Yes, I do…but so did the Apostles living back in their day!”

   Seems like a lot of folks are deeply concerned and somewhat dismayed about all the darkness we’re seeing in the world these days, and rightfully so with the signs of the times....but rest assured, I think you and I can take heart in the old adage that we’ve all been told…“It’s always the darkest, before the dawn!” 

   So allow me to pose this question for you to ponder…
   Have you ever seen a fireworks show in the middle of the day?

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