The Dynamics of Unseen Forces

May  2023

  It has been said:  “What men are wont to see they believe; and what they are not wont to see they do not believe.”  Those who founded and colonized America were men who were wont to see and believed.  As men progressed, or I should say “digressed,” they became more self-possessed and arrogant and their wont faded. Then the dynamics of the UNSEEN GOD began to disappear from men’s lives.  Christian symbols and knowledge was expunged as if to block out the VISION of God entirely.  A paradox exists in this wont ideology, in that, men are wont to SEE and believe all other unseen forces; exception comes only when it relates to God.  Knowledge and common sense seems to delude them only at this point!

   A survey was conducted a few months ago, and it was reported that over fifty percent of today’s youth do not believe in God because they cannot SEE Him.

   Let us consider a few unseen forces at work, all about us,  that men have no problem accepting, and inquire as to why they differentiate only when the unseen pertains to God?

   All our homes have carbon monoxide testers that inform us of an unseen force that is poisonous, colorless, and odorless.  The detector validates when this dangerous unseen gas is present, and only a fool would not acknowledge this invisible force!

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