'Hate Speech' According to Jesus

May 2023

   I want to begin with defining a term describing the attempts of Christians who, no matter how well-meaning their intentions, somehow believe that they can make friends with a worldview that hates them no matter what they do, say, or imitate. They bend over backwards trying to “fit in” with the latest trend, cause, and ideology in order to “be a good witness.” Some churches draw people in with gimmicks resembling raucous concerts rather than reverent fellowship (Hebrews 10:25).  Desperate pastors and congregations tend to do anything that will get this wicked world to look and say with a feigned admiration, “Hey, those Christians aren’t so bad after all. They’re cool like us.”  After nearly forty years of service to the Lord Jesus Christ and witnessing these schemes grow, develop, and inevitably fail, here is a word of advice. Drop the facade. It is nothing more than a “dysfunctional relationship” that is in total opposition to what the Lord Jesus said about the world and its attitude toward the things of God. It is nothing more than a one-sided attempt that has never worked when it comes to the message of Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2).

   The word “dysfunctional” is defined as anything characterized by abnormal, unhealthy interpersonal behavior or interaction. (Merriam-Webster). The last days “Chu ...

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