Come Walk With Us (Part 16)

May 2023

   I try not to let the experiences we tell about one month extend into the next month, but I do need to mention the young man that gave us the 55 mile ride that got us through St. Joseph, Missouri, across the Missouri River and into Kansas because during that ride Hadassah was quietly praising and thanking God in her heart and, in her mind’s eye, very briefly, she seemed to see the Lord laughing as a father would warmly laugh at his child’s gratitude for something he did for him. It was a very special moment for her.

   WE ARE IN KANSAS! Another milestone realized.

   We looked all around the roadside park that we were in to find a sign telling us that we could not camp there. We were so used to seeing them all through Illinois and Missouri that we were sure there had to be one here. We could not find one! We did not know whether that meant we could camp here or whether it meant that someone took it down. As tired as we were, I decided that we weren’t going any further today in search of a place to camp. So, I figured that the lack of a sign telling us we could not camp must mean that we can camp.

   I had been looking forward to getting to Kansas and out of so many hills. Well...that was a disappointment! No matter what anyone tells you KANSAS IS NOT FLAT!  Maybe in a car it seems that way, but when you are on foot you get an e ...

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