How Does God Have Patience With Us?

May 2023

   “God waits until He gets his turn,” says Savannah, age 5.

   His turn?

   Yikes! This sounds like something my elementary school principal might have said when I was called to his office.

   God has patience with us “by waiting in line,” says Ashton, 5. I suppose He’s waiting in line to get his turn. Perhaps Ashton was considering how we make God wait in line while we try to solve our own problems apart from Him.

   “God has patience with me and everyone else because we all mess up a lot,” says Gary, 10. “Twenty-four hours a day, someone is sinning,” adds Andrew, 11.

   Or as Emily, 8, says, “God knows what’s going on.”

   “God has patience with us because he is so, so, so very nice,” says Christian, 7. Yes, God is gracious for not judging us immediately when we sin against Him. But don’t mistake God’s slowness to anger for a compromise of His righteousness. His patience gives us time to turn to Him.

   “If God didn’t have patience, we wouldn’t be here right now,” says Peter, 10.

   Yes, we wouldn’t be “here” to “hear” God patiently calling us. The Apostle Paul wrote that those w ...

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