'In A Family Way'

May  2023

   When it comes to procedures to follow for optimal results, commonly referred to as “Best Practices,” most folks think immediately of recommended standards for businesses and professionals.  All well and good, but what about the family?  Is there a best practice for this institution — the first that God created for the benefit of mankind?

   Of course there is, and that proven best practice, as history records, is called the Natural Family Way which sadly, in today’s America, is seldom acknowledged, let alone practiced.  With a 50% divorce rate, spousal abuse, children living in single family homes where the State has become the “daddy,” the age-old tradition of the natural family has become diluted, fragmented and headed into extinction.

   That is exactly why at NaturalFamilyStrong.com we have initiated an annual Natural Family Celebration from Mother’s day through  Father’s day.  It is here where we can reclaim the foundation of all societies, one biologically man, and one woman in a life-long, committed relationship.

   We’re merely recommending a proven best practice when it comes to the family institution. It is also noteworthy that setting a goal, a vision and a best practice, if you will, is not me ...

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