The Antidote For Cancer!

May 2023

   Imagine, for a minute, coming home with your wife and seeing your dear friend’s home, next door, on fire. Being dear friends and knowing each other by name, they were standing in the living room, scratching the living room glass, screaming in agony as the fire was burning them up. When they saw you, they screamed your names and pleaded with you to save them.

   But, instead, you and your wife sat down in a couple of lawn chairs, joked with each other and drank a cold, refreshing drink and watched your dear friends and their beautiful children, burn up in the fire.

   Now, instead of that being your own dear friend’s precious family, let’s say this was YOUR PRECIOUS FAMILY! Let’s say that they were your precious children and grandchildren and THEY were the ones burning up in that horrendous fire. And after they all died, someone sent you a video tape showing that, this is exactly what their “neighbors” did. They came home, observed your precious family burning up in the fire, they sat down, opened a couple sodas and watched your precious family burn up in the fire, screaming for mercy and help from the terrifying flames.

   First of all, what would that say about how wicked their hearts are to allow such a horrendous thing to happen to  your precious family? Or your hearts, if you would do such a horrendous th ...

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