What To Do When You Get A Traffic Citation

May 2023

   With warm weather approaching, it’s easy to get distracted while driving. The sun is on your face, the wind is in your hair, you turn the radio up and don’t realize you’re speeding until you see an officer’s lights behind you. 

   Please take this article as your formal reminder to pay attention to your driving, check speed limit signs, and be attentive to other drivers. If you are caught off guard and find yourself in the unfortunate situation of receiving a traffic citation, you have several options. 

   Your first option is to pay the citation. If you choose to do that, you are admitting guilt, and are assuming responsibility for the forfeiture amount on the citation as well as the demerit points. 

   Your second option is to contest the citation. The bottom of Wisconsin citations provides instructions for how to contest a citation. If you choose this option, you can either represent yourself, or hire an attorney to represent you. Then, you or your attorney will discuss with the prosecutor the facts of the citations and circumstances surrounding the citation in an attempt to resolve the dispute. Generally, prosecutors will amend a citation to a lesser charge which can save you money and reduce the demerit points on your license. An experienced attorney will be able to handle this process for you, and likely ...

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