Let’s Celebrate Natural Family Month!

June/July 2023

   Every believer who claims Christ as King is a member of the fellowship of the Saints. Churches, especially denominations, are the invention of men.

   Remember 2nd grade math when you first learned to do long division? Swim back in your mind and the lessons will surface…numerator is the number to be divided…and denominator is the number by which the whole is split up. Hence, 21 (numerator) divided by 7 (denominator) equals 3 (quotient).

   The Body of Christ has been divided for so long we think it is normal. If you ask the average Christian what religion he/she belongs to the answer is always a denomination. “Baptist.” “Lutheran.” “Catholic.” You get the point. Christians identify by what divides us…not by what we have in common.

   No wonder the organized Left is so effective at moving the ball down the field. Our team doesn’t even huddle together.

   I don’t know if you have noticed, but the LGBTQ camp is a well-oiled machine. They huddle together. They fight together. They defend one another. The latest statistics, if you want to believe them, state that sexual deviants make up 7% of the American populace, yet the are ram-rodding their agenda down the throats of Christians.

   They have wiggled their way into the curriculu ...

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