The Penalty For Treason

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

June/July 2023

      There are two current goings on that really ought to roil the Christian community.  I would, out of charity to all professors of faith in Jesus Christ, include those of all faiths.      

   The first one is the denial of God’s sovereignty in all of  His works which would be not only Creation and Providence but also in the salvation of His elect sheep!    The second one of which I wish to elaborate, is the treasonous activity we have
witnessed by the intelligence community in recent years.   

   You may recall  Barak Hussein  Obama  declaring executive privilege when his henchman, Erik Holder, allowed the free flow of our weapons to terrorists in order to cover the entire matter up!  Recently it has come to the attention of the American people that our current Secretary of State was given his position as a “quid-pro-quo” for initiating a letter to 51 former intelligence officers to endorse which promulgated the idea that the Hunter Biden laptop account was all “Russian Disinformation.”  

   As a sailor with 21 years of service, I remember on several occasions taking the oath to protect  these United States from enemies both foreign and domestic.  Evidently the likes of Mike ...

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