Questions About Hell

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

June/July 2023

   This is in response to recent articles and letters about, “hell.” First, I do believe in the “lake of fire” noted in the book of Revelation as a real phenomenon. Further, I believe that the parable about Lazarus and the rich man is not purely figurative, but relates literal elements of the post earth life experience. 

   However, for those that claim the Bible teaches of a place where the unsaved will suffer in eternal torment, I have a few questions. Do you believe the Bible teaches us about an unjust or a just GOD? In other words, one desiring balanced scales, the eye for eye, tooth for tooth, thing? Some judgments in Leviticus do require repaying somewhat more for stolen goods, but not infinitely more. Even our heavily flawed “court system” recognizes that the punishment should fit the crime. Such as a $10 forfeiture for not buckling your seat belt, but not life in prison with no hope for parole. Does an eternity of torment, for a limited amount of unrepented sins in this earthly life seem just to you? From Job we learn that satan enjoys tormenting others.  Do you believe GOD will reward him with such a job in hell for eternity?
   An understanding of the Bible teaching upon this subject as all others, may only be obtained from a thorough study of all r ...

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