Are We Committed To Accomplish His Will?

June/July 2023

   We might as well lay all the cards on the table and establish that it’s easier to go to church and put some money in the offering plate than to develop a consistent relationship with God. Along with our genuine love for Him is to recognize the need for a fervent prayer life. Being religious without praying is popular. Why is this? Because we do not care enough to pray. Prayer meetings? Really? The first thing that comes to our mind is that we can pray at home. This is true, but if you already have a faithful prayer life, it seems you would want to be the first one to show up and lead the way.

   This is blunt, but most people do not feel comfortable being alone with God because they are not used to it. They might say they pray, but asking God for personal blessings is not all there is to it. What about the needs of others? Remember Christ,  when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane? That was an intense time of pleading and weeping, not to avoid the pain, but He was praying for us. His attitude of love was a complete surrender to the Father’s will. Contrition is a place of brokenness and reverence.

   When Jesus died on the cross, the veil in the temple was torn in half from the top to the bottom. This curtain was used as a dividing barrier to the entrance to the holy of holies. This is where the presence of God was dwelling on earth and when the priest ...

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