The Grace Schara Lawsuit Reply and 'Breaking the Oath' Documentary

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June/July 2023

  As I wrote in my previous article titled “Landmark Lawsuit Calls Out Doctors and Nurses,” Scott and Cindy Schara and their family have begun a lawsuit for the death of Grace Schara, their daughter, against five doctors: Gavin Shokar, M.D., David Beck, M.D., Daniel Leonard, M.D., Karl Baum, M.D. and Ramana Marada, M.D., as well as two nurses: Hollee McInnis, R.N. and Alison Barkholtz, R.N., along with St. Elizabeth Hospital and Ascension Health in Appleton, Wisconsin. The replies to their lawsuit were received by the Schara family on May 15, 2023.

   In the reply from Ascension, stated under the section titled “Affirmative Defenses,” #6 states, “Any and all injuries or damages sustained by Plaintiffs may be a direct and proximate result of the negligence and/or decisions made by Plaintiffs.”
   “Direct and proximate result of the negligence and/or decisions made by Plaintiffs?”  So, when Scott Schara, Grace’s dad, was taking an active part in making decisions for her as her advocate and they ushered him out of the hospital by an armed guard, was that “negligence?” Was Grace negligent in “making decisions”  when they had her extremely sedated with three drugs: Precedex, Lorazepam and Morphine? When any procedure or anything else is done in a hospital and that type of medication is used, they make you sign a form where you agree that you will not make any kind of major decisions.  I know this, as I have had to do that numerous times. Are they REALLY serious by basically saying Scott and Grace were responsible for Grace’s death? 

   The sad fact is, in a way, this statement is true as the Plaintiff admits checking into that hospital WAS a death sentence. And let’s take this one step further, #39 under the “Facts” section states “deny that Alison Barkholtz, R.N. had Scott removed from the hospital by an armed guard.”  AND #40 ALSO states that they deny once again that Scott was removed from the hospital and that Grace was ever “without family present or advocacy for about 30 hours or any period of time.” When Scott was removed from Grace’s room by the armed guard, it took Scott and Cindy time to contact an attorney so they could get Jessica in the room (Cindy was sick with COVID). They also REFUSED to let Jessica take a shower in the room (which they let Scott do) the VERY day they restrained Grace to the bed; they restrained her during the time Jessica had to go home and take her shower. Folks, ALL of this stuff is so STUPID you CAN’T make ANY of this up!

   Under the same section titled “Affirmative Defenses,” #17 states “Plaintiff has failed to state a claim for relief against Ascension Health, as it is not a proper party to this lawsuit; it does not provide health care services; it does not employ health care providers nor did it employ anyone who rendered care to Grace Schara at any time material, including but not limited to any of the Defendants in this action; and Ascension Health has insufficient contacts with the state of Wisconsin to confer subject matter jurisdiction upon the Court.”  “Not a proper party to this lawsuit; it does not provide health care services’ — WHAT?  Ascension Health is St. Elizabeth Hospital as well as many other clinics that they run under that title. So St. Elizabeth Hospital does not provide “health care services?” Come to think of it, they DON’T; they provide death services/assistance! “It does not employ health care providers nor did it employ anyone who rendered care to Grace...” So when the people that work there are asked who they’re employed by, how do they answer that question?  They “didn’t render care to Grace?” Ok, let’s again get honest here, they didn’t render care; they murdered her and that’s CERTAINLY NOT care!  Number 6 and #17 under “Affirmative Defenses” as well as #39 and #40 under “Facts” are again so STUPID you CAN’T make this stuff up!

   Number 66 Under “Facts” states, “Deny that the hospital’s nursing staff ever refused to assist Grace Schara or any other patient at any time.” When Jessica noticed that Grace was getting cold, she requested a nurse come in the room and check her and was told “just put a blanket on her, that’s normal” and NOBODY came in. When Grace was drawing her last breaths, Scott and Cindy were screaming across FaceTime “PLEASE SAVE OUR GRACE, SAVE OUR DAUGHTER!” and Jessica was screaming for help and NOBODY would come in the room. All of this was fully witnessed by Jessica, Grace’s sister, who was right there, IN the room with Grace!  From the time Grace was injected with morphine, NOBODY would come into the room despite MANY, MANY pleas for help!  The nurses stood OUTSIDE the room and replied with “she’s DNR!”

   I saw a broadcast by a local news station here in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin, Fox 11, who claim they have “balanced news coverage.” They reported back on March 30, 2023 that they contacted Ascension Health/St. Elizabeth hospital several times with no response to the beginning of the lawsuit. As of May 16, 2023, they reported on the response of the hospital, as slanted as it was, but NEVER contacted Scott and Cindy Schara, or their attorneys, for their response to the reply. Balanced news coverage?  Ah yes, the slanted liberal media plays their biased card once again! 

   Obamacare was put in place on March 23, 2010 and in 1996 Ezekial Emanuel, who was the main evil writer of it, stated “services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed.”  This clearly means the elderly and the disabled are not considered producing citizens and need to be eliminated. On page 141, section 1553 of Obamacare states, “Individuals or institutions refusing to participate in ‘assisted suicide, euthanasia, or mercy killing’ may not be discriminated against by government, entities receiving federal financial assistance under this Act, or health plans created under this Act (p. 141, [section] 1553). This protection, however, explicitly does not apply to or affect “any limitation relating to: (1) the withholding or withdrawing of medical treatment or medical care; (2) the withholding or withdrawing of nutrition or hydration; (3) abortion; or (4) the use of any item for the purpose of alleviating pain even if such use may increase the risk of death as long as such an item is not furnished with the purpose of causing, or the purpose of assisting in causing, death, for any reason.”

   This clearly shows us that hospitals are allowed to do assisted suicide, euthanasia and mercy killing. Were you aware of that? And Grace wasn’t murdered?  Now, one might ask themselves what they omitted from her medical records — did they consider what they did assisted suicide?  Or maybe euthanasia?  Or because they listed her “Down syndrome” over and over again, do you think they felt they were “mercy killing” her? I don’t know, but murder is murder is murder and it’s ALL an abomination to our Lord!  Sadly the Ten Commandments were taken down from public places. This murder institution (Catholic Hospital) NEEDS to look at them and read “Thou SHALT NOT KILL!”

   Each and every time I talk with Scott and Cindy, I see their tears, their humbleness and their call to action for the evil that not only happened to their sweet daughter, Grace; I also hear the heartbreaking sadness in their voices as they explain how this very same thing has been going on with many, many families and it needs to STOP!  I hear the tears and pleas for people to WAKE UP!  I ask myself over and over again, “what WILL it take for people to understand the EVIL of this?”  Jessica, Scott and Cindy’s daughter and Grace’s sister, has now been harassed on Facebook by a friend and coworker of one of the nurses involved in this case. HARASSED!  After the HORRIFIC ordeal they put this family through! 

   On Sunday, May 21, 2023 the documentary “Breaking the Oath debuted at the Get Reel Cinema in DePere, Wisconsin. The documentary is a production of America 1st Productions, and Jeff Wagner of The Patriot Review is the producer. The documentary is EXCELLENT and very well done. My husband, son and I were there. The cinema was nearly full and I would personally encourage everyone to watch it but make sure you have PLENTY of tissues nearby. The end of the viewing was met with a standing ovation by the crowd gathered to view this and support the Schara Family. You will find this documentary at The Patriot Review and America 1st Productions websites as well as The Patriot Review channel on Rumble and other platforms.  The documentary description states: “exposes the truth many can’t bring themselves to believe or accept. COVID was intentionally developed, released and spread to reduce the earth’s population!  What’s more,the treatment protocols and the vaccine are the tools of this satanic evil, resulting in the deaths of millions. The UN and the World Economic Forum have openly plotted and initiated this demonic medical tyranny as part of a detailed and deliberate plan to destroy western civilization. Like Adolf Hitler announcing his insane intentions in his book ‘Mein Kampf,’ these evil and demonic madmen have put their plan in writing! Yet, the majority of people ridicule those who have educated themselves and know the truth. ‘Breaking the Oath’ centers around Grace Schara, a vibrant, happy nineteen-year-old who was needlessly murdered on October 13, 2021, by COVID treatment protocols that were created to kill. Millions have been murdered in the name of COVID as a part of this demonic plan.”

   Featured in the documentary is Scott and Cindy Schara and their daughter Jessica along with Dr. Reni Moon, Pediatrician, Stacy Ograyensek —  whose husband was murdered by hospital protocols, Robert Paiser (a near victim) who was rescued from St. Mary’s Hospital, Green Bay, Wisconsin by Scott and Cindy, Wendy Paiser, Robert’s mother, Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski, a traveling nurse at the time and Vera Sharav who is a Holocaust Survivor.

   Nurse Erin shares her experience as a traveling nurse at that time, getting paid $10,000 a week and working in New York.  She talks about being sent home for asking why people without COVID, who had a completely different diagnosis, were put in rooms with people that were diagnosed with COVID and they ended up with COVID because of it. She saw family members kicked out of patients’ rooms and those patients left without an advocate and the restraining orders put on some families for trying to come in to be an advocate for their loved one. The devastation of patients having feces up their backs for 2 to 3 weeks because of staff refusing to enter rooms. The hospitals were not letting patients decide if they wanted to be “Full Code,” which means if something were to happen they wanted every measure taken to be resuscitated or if they wanted to be “DNR,” (“Do Not Resuscitate”), and the nurses were told they were to “stand down” and let people die.

   Dr. Reni Moon talks about the children she saw in her office with complete terror in their eyes from their fever and cough, asking Dr. Moon if they were going to die!  She shares her frustration with having to deal with the hospitals being run by protocols rather than the doctors’ knowledge on what to do. Dr. Moon speaks about Ron Johnson’s office, a Senator from Wisconsin, asking her to go to Washington D.C. in December, 2022. She shares her very real concern about the increase in myocarditis and how she’s been censored and silenced. Dr. Moon shows a mRNA shot package insert and how it is left intentionally blank so the side effects of this are completely unknown as that insert is proof. She has many different employers, but one of them in particular sent her a memo threatening her and stated they are reporting what she said in Washington D.C. to the medical commission in her state which then threatened her medical license and all she was asking was “IS the vaccine safe for children?!”

   Stacy Ograyensek, holding back sobs and tears, speaks of the hospital and medical staff where her husband was at which refused  to give him medications that would help him get off the ventilator they had him on. They did not give him a choice to refuse their protocols, with COMPLETE disrespect for her and her husband’s wishes. He had an oxygen saturation of 98%, yet they put him on that evil ventilator and MURDERED him. 

   Robert Paiser was rescued by Scott and Cindy Schara at St. Mary’s Hospital, Green Bay. He has SMA which is Spinal Muscular Atrophy; so again, because of his disability, he is considered a “useless eater”  by our horrendous government and their ridiculous protocols! Robert’s doctor was overridden by an Infectious Disease doctor and that’s ALWAYS a dangerous situation. He was transferred from another hospital to St. Mary’s. Robert’s words on the agenda: “I’m p***** off and I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!”  He was told, while at the hospital, they were going to put him on Remdesivir, (“RUN, DEATH IS NEAR”) telling him that was a very effective antiviral medication and how “most patients go home after 2 to 3 days of using it,” which is a LIE! That drug is known to shut down various organs in the body, including the kidneys and in turn, kills the patient. He was given the equivalent of six dosages before being rescued.  Physically removing him was the first step in the process of getting Robert back to health – a lengthy detox protocol followed to remove this poison.  Wendy, his mother, through tears, talks about how helpless, angry and betrayed she felt in knowing you can’t trust those that are supposed to be there to help you and your loved one(s), AKA the white coats (doctors) and nurses.

   Jessica, Grace's sister, tears rolling down her face, speaks of all that happened and shared with me how a 14-year ICU nurse, Hollee McIinnis, whom she trusted, brought her McDonalds for breakfast the morning of October 13, 2021 (Grace died that evening). Hollee was the very same nurse that administered Grace the lethal dose of morphine that killed her, exposing her evil side. 

   Vera Sharav shares her experiences of WWII, the Holocaust and Nazi, Germany. Back then they did EXACTLY as they are doing today; they came after the children with disabilities, the people with the various deformities and illnesses, the elderly, and then the rest of the people — EXACTLY what they are doing today.  Grace and Robert are prime examples of this! They eliminate the moral norms so they can strip people of their humanity by brainwashing people into obeying their EVIL agendas. We see this exact thing going on in today’s society. They brainwashed people into thinking they were going to die if they didn’t get their jabs, if they didn’t “social distance”  and if they didn’t stay home where they were safe. You now go to any store out there at any given time and you are guaranteed to see at least one person running around with their “face diaper” on yet!  EVIL!

   I quote Scott,  “There is an esoteric counter narrative already in place, a spiritual Hegelian Dialectic. Satan’s only concern is souls. Satan wants the evil exposed, so he can implement his ‘good’ side to steal more souls. There is currently a large patriotic contingency of people fighting evil with ‘good.’  I say ‘good’ because their apparent fight doesn’t start with repentance, so you know the resistance is not from God. They are preaching ‘power to the people’ and ‘Nuremberg II’ along with many other appealing ideas. God warns us that Satan has a ‘light’ side, ‘And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light’ (2 Corinthians 11:14) that is not God’s true light. Revelation 13 describes the first beast paving the way for the second beast. The second beast will be the largest PSYOP (psychological operation) in human history.”


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