Family: America’s Solid Foundation

June/July  2023

   What would happen if there were no such thing as family?  No father, mother, brothers or sisters, grandparents, aunts or uncles — just happy-go-lucky humans eating, mating and sleeping with no affiliation, no worries...the ultimate in restraint-free common bond or sacrifice required with regard to others. Where would the human species be today if that were the case?

   Maybe the better question is: would there be a human species or would mankind have gone the way of the dodo bird, saber-toothed tiger or woolly mammoth without the family institution? Given that the family is so critical to the survival of all mankind, why are so many Americans intent on corrupting its purpose, structure and content, seemingly hell-bent on destroying the idea of the family itself?

   Folks, we exist in a politically and emotionally charged environment where “public opinion makes tomorrow’s laws, and those laws become the next generation’s morals.”  It is also true that “as goes the family . . . so goes the nation.”  So why not consider putting your finger on the scales of public opinion to once again support and defend the Natural Family? Our laws must protect and encourage the growth of that family unit. Today’s laws do just the opposite, which means our nation’s very foundation is being destroyed.

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